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Rollo De Pollo

Flour tortilla stuffed with chicken and fresh spinach served with cilantro mayo and sweet and sour orange sauce

Ceviche de Camarones

Slowly marinated tilapia and shrimp in fresh squeezed lime juice: peruvian style

Croqueta De Cangrejo

Crab cake with chipotle mayo

Rollo De Primavera $6

Veggie spring roll

Sancocho or Clam Shower Soup

(Solo Los Domingos)


Carne Y Huevos

Sirloin steak, 2 poached eggs with honey mustard on the top and home fries. (package add $4)

Enchiladas De Pollo $16

Chicken enchiladas made with a fresh green salsa, a fried egg on the top, yellow rice, beans and sour cream

Strawberry French Toaste $14

With a creamy mascarpone with sliced strawberries.

French toast with fruit

Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes $12

With Fresh Blueberries and Scrambows Eggs

Ensalada De Salmón $15

Salmon salad with arugula salad, tomatoes, red onions, corn, avocado with a lime vinaigrette

Tortilla De Huevo $11

Egg omelet with ham, Swiss cheese, spinach and peppers

Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches $10

With Jam, Eggs, Cheese and Bacon. 

Huevos Clásicos a la Benedicta

Egg benedict classic with two poached eggs over an english muffin with canadian ham and hollandaise sauce served with home fries

Calentado Colombiano $16

Rice, Beans, Sweed Plantain, Chicharron, Chorizo, Eggs (Choose Your Style) Chicken or Meat and Avocado


Chef´s specialty (Ask to our servers)  




Sangria blanca

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